How it Works

EVO is sold and installed exclusively by Authorized Trackting Dealers.

It is made of 
  – a GPS tracker 
  – a mobile App 

The tracker needs to be placed and connected according to the e-bike motor and model.


The mobile APP ‘EVO Trackting’, available free for Android and iPhone, allows you to choose between to modes:

  – Lock

  – Unlock


In Unlock mode (opened padlock), when your e-bike is moving, EVO automatically updates its position every 5 minutes.

In Lock mode (closed padlock), EVO watches over your e-bike and reacts to any attempt of theft or tampering, thanks to an integrated digital vibration sensor.


In case of theft, EVO alerts the bike owner with a phone call and updates the position on the map every 30 seconds.

If the thief enters covered or underground premises (i.e. a garage), EVO will signal the position of the entrance.

After creating a user account on the App, the user will register his telephone number (which will receive the alarm call).

By entering the device UID (found on the Card), the system is immediately up and running.

The App allows to combine and monitor several e-bikes at the same time, each equipped with its own EVO device.

EVO also allows the user to temporarily share his position (15 mins, 1 hour, 8 hours) in case of need thanks to an  “S.O.S” feature. Friends or relatives will locate the position on the map by simply clicking on a link sent by SMS. 



In order to activate EVO correctly, you must follow the simple steps found here in the START page.

The UID code is printed on the Customer Trackting CARD found in the product packaging, as well as on labels that can be pasted on the e-bike by the dealer.



For the first 12 months from activation, the service is completely free of charge. 

Then, the service can be renewed at 29 € (no automatic renewal).

The service includes data traffic for the embedded eSIM, coverage in 49 European countries (no roaming fees), technical support and updates.



EVO is compatible with most motors: Bosch CX,  Brose S-Mag,  Yamaha, Shimano.

Installation Guides are available.