A parking spot was skipped or lost. What if it happens while in alarm mode?

It has been over 5 minutes since you parked your vehicle and your new parking position does not appear on the App Trackting Smart Alarm that continues to show your previous parking position. Usually this does not amount to a problem.  It does not mean that Smart Alarm will not work properly in case of theft.

Smart Alarm is designed to save battery life. Parking positions are not considered “vital”. If it is not possible to send a Parking position at some time (due to a temporary GSM network overload or because you are parked inside a garage) the device will not attempt to resend the position again and again, but will instead resume to low power mode without further signaling the position.

This will not prevent Smart Alarm from working effectively in Alarm mode because in case of theft, the device will operate in a radically different way: by sending data continuously, by automatically changing operators and by making repeated attempts to send data.