I cannot turn the alarm off

To deactivate the alarm you must keep the Tag near the Tracker for at least 15 seconds while the Tracker is moving and proceed in one of the following ways:

– Shake the Tracker for at least 15 seconds keeping the Tag close by (do not shake it in your hand as you might shield it)

– Take your vehicle for a ride bringing the Tag with you.

IMPORTANT: You will NOT deactivate the alarm by simply bringing the red Tag near the black Tracker because the Tracker is designed to read the Tag only if it is on the move.

This is because you do not want the alarm to deactivate itself too easily in case of real theft. If you are tracking down your vehicle and the thief has hidden it, you do not want to deactivate the alarm mode by just passing by the hidden vehicle, you want the alarm mode to work until you find it!