I had a false alarm. The alarm went off, even if my vehicle was stationary.

A false alarm is technically impossible in the sense that the device reacts only to motion/vibration.

If the digital accelerometer sensor registers motion when the vehicle is stationary, this can only be caused by a faulty installation: if not properly secured, the tracker may vibrate after the passage of heavy vehicles or the ignition of a nearby motorcycle.

This is also the case when the tracker is set on ‚Äúresonating” surfaces such as

– Under the seat of an “empty” scooter

– In car glove compartment

To avoid this problem, you must properly fix the Tracker to your vehicle with the provided double-sided adhesive tape or screws. You also need to secure it to a smooth, rigid plastic surface.

NOTE: To avoid false alarms caused by an accidental impact to your vehicle while parked, the Tracker firware is able to filter this type of vibration from vibrations that occur in an attempted theft or burglary.