The position of my vehicle is several meters wrong. What Is the GPS accuracy?

In “Parking” mode, the device will use as little battery power as possible and turn the GPS off as soon as it can send a position that is valid but not necessarily precise. Deviation can sometimes run up to 50 meters, but this should not happen often. If it does happen often, it might be because you have not chosen the best place for the Tracker and we recommend that you move it elsewhere in your vehicle (it might be in a spot surrounded by too much metal).

In “Alarm” mode, on the other hand, the device performs at maximum accuracy, producing an average error of about 5 meters in open field.

Another factor that can compromise accuracy is the alignment of the Tracker. In fact, to make sure that the antenna is in the best position to receive satellite signals, it is important to position the tracker with its labels down, that is, with the side without screws and labels facing the sky.

Please review this checklist to make sure that the Tracker has been set appropriately.

1. Check that the Tracker is properly aligned (smooth side facing up).

2. Make sure that Tracker is free and that it is not covered by metal bodies or shielding material.

3. Ride around in the open for a couple of minutes.

4. Park somewhere in the open and walk 30 meters away from your vehicle, taking the Tag with you.

5. Wait for the parking notification to arrive, around 5 minutes.

6. Verify if the accuracy of the position on the App.