Where should I place the device?

For an optimal performance, avoid covering Smart Alarm with large or heavy metal objects (padlocks, chains) and make sure that it is fixed with its labels facing down, to obtain the best satellite signal reception.

It is fine to place the device in the storage area or under the seat of motorcycles, scooters, cars or in trunks.

To avoid false alarms, secure the device with the provided double-sided adhesive tape, available inside the packaging or with the bracket Smart Clip (optional, sold separately for Smart Alarm V.2).

On some motorcycles or mopeds with an all-metal body, as in vintage models, it is important to avoid placing the Tracker in a completely closed compartment: operation may be affected by not correctly locking the GPS signal.



If you have bought  Smart Alarm V.2 (with the Tag in round shape), the Tracker is water resistant.

Otherwise, for the previous version of Smart Alarm, the device is not waterproof, so be sure to place it in an area where it stays protected from atmospheric agents and water.