Why has the battery died in less than six months?

The battery will last 6 months in standby mode. Standard use with daily home-work trips and up to 2 parking notifications per day is consistent with a battery life of about 3/4 months.

Battery life was tested on a vehicle in city center (GSM cellular signal always very strong) that always parked on the street.

Factors that can adversely affect battery life are:

1. A higher number of parking events (if you park 4 times a day the battery will last about 2 months)

2. Triggering the alarm: in this case, the tracker, if on the move, stays connected to the GSM network and sends its position repeatedly. This clearly causes an increase in battery consumption.

3. Parking in a garage where the GSM or GPS signal is poor or absent: the device will try to connect itself several times using more power.

4. Areas where the GSM cellular signal is usually low.