Here you can find the most common answers to the frequently asked questions about Trackting SMART. Discover what users ask more often on the first anti-theft GPS device with e-SIM but without monthly fee!

The inventor of Trackting SMART is Claudio Carnevali, CEO of the company. Rome, 8 April 2016: Claudio jumps on his beloved Hornet and slips, nothing serious, it happens. He parks his bike under his house and after 2 hours, he finds his motorbike to be stolen. Sad and angry Claudio decides to get back at them by creating the best motorcycle alarm for helping bikers to avoid this horrible experience.

Today, that device is Trackting SMART.

They are different products for different needs. Here are the main differences:

Trackting SMART is a real anti-theft device for vehicles (motorcycles, cars, mopeds, vans, trucks…).
Bluetooth Tags works as objects finders (keys, wallets, TV remote, backpacks, bags…)*. 

Trackting SMART uses GSM network, so it works also if the tracker is moving in a long distance (hundreds kilometers) and/or in isolated places.

Bluetooth Tags works only with another device in the nearby, in a short connection range (tens meters) and if there is no disturbing factor between them such as walls and other big objects.

Trackting SMART is proactive: the accurate motion sensor automatically recognizes any unauthorized movement as theft attempt, and it alerts the owner only, with a notification and a phone call. No sound effect.

Bluetooth Tags require the user’s action in case of loss. They are designed to be visible to other devices, with notification and audio effects, like beeps and similar sounds. 

Trackting SMART uses a high-power GPS antenna, working with three satellite systems (GPS, Galileo and Glonass) and traces the vehicle moving, telling its direction and speed, in real time. 

Bluetooth Tags get the position via triangulation of other devices around, and with a lag time, so they don’t work if there are no other devices in the nearby, and on fast-moving objects (as a car).

*Apple AirTag belong to Bluetooth Tags category, even if they use their “Find My” network.

Easy, we have a special agreement with an international operator that provides the eSIM with a huge amount of data included and we don’t have to pay any monthly fee.

We pay at once, that’s why Trackting SMART works with no monthly fees.

The trick is that SMART doesn’t track you while you drive, it sends just few data (parking positions only). It sends tracking data only when in Alarm mode, but this never happens (hopefully!).

NOTE: you can’t keep it voluntarily in Alarm mode (leaving the Tag at home) since this is a not authorized use.

Yes, even if we designed Trackting SMART for motorbikes and scooters it also works perfectly on cars, trucks and caravans.

Trackting SMART calls you in case of an Alarm then you open the App to see the position of your vehicle on the map.

The phone call is way more effective than a simple notification: you can save the Trackting number +18304444666 as Favorite or VIP contact to let your phone ring even if in “Silent” or “No disturb” mode (you can easily find online instructions for your specific brand/model).

The service is completely FREE : you don’t pay to receive these calls.

You have unlimited calls if you don’t answer the incoming call. If you do, or if you have got an automatic responder, the system will consider 5 alarms calls per month.

NOTE: This is a fully automatic system, there are no operators or a call center. So please not try to call this number in any case.

For Trackting SMART Single Country you have to choose the Country of use from a list of Countries in the App: Austria, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg), Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom + Ireland.

For Trackting SMART Multicountry the eSIM card connects to several operators (automatically choosing the best signal) in the following 50 Countries:
Albania, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Kirghizistan, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Tajikistan, Turkey, United Kingdom (UK), Ukraine, Uzbekistan

The battery lasts 6 months in standby condition. In a standard use (home-work journey, therefore 2 parking events per day) the duration is around 4 months.
We tested this on a motorcycle in the center of Rome (GSM mobile signal always above level 4/5) that was always parked outdoor.

The factors that can negatively affect battery life are:
– Increased number of parking events (if you park 10 times a day the battery will be discharged faster)
– Areas where the GSM cellular signal is not very strong (Trackting SMART must use more power to connect)
– Parking inside garages where the GSM or GPS signal is weak or absent (SMART tries to connect several times and therefore uses more energy)
– Alarm events because in that case the tracker sends the thief’s position during the movement

To recharge the battery, use the supplied USB cable and connect it to a battery charger of your smartphone or PC.

No, you can’t. When charging, the Tracker turns off automatically, so if you leave it permanently connected to a power source it will not work. But no worries, should you inadvertently stay connected to a charger for a long time, an internal protection system will keep you out of trouble!

Most of garages are underground, with no GPS and GSM signal.

But don’t worry, your vehicle is still protected. As soon as the thief attempts to move it outside, Trackting SMART will connect automatically to the network and you will get a notification on the App.

Yes you can. Just be sure you installed the App (version 3.0 or newer) Trackting

Yes, you can control 1 Trackting SMART on multiple smartphones in the same time. You will get notifications and you will see the position on both smartphones.

No, Trackting SMART works only for vehicles that are moving or parked (no movement).

A boat due to the waves is always moving, even when anchored, so Smart Alarm will be always in Alarm mode that is not an allowed use and the battery will last for few days.

Yes, as long as the Tracker is not installed in a closed all-metal compartment: operation may be affected by not correctly locking the GPS signal.

No you can’t change the SIM card. But wait, why should you? Our eSIM is free: no monthly fees and no credit to recharge!

We are maniac about privacy. Nobody knows your position since coordinates are encrypted. Our support operators can see events like parking mode or alarm mode only, but not your position.

Yes, we manufacture Trackting SMART in Italy because we care about product quality and about our customers.

Trackting SMART is not a cheap product because we don’t save on components (we don’t use low cost GPS for example, but a Swiss GPS with a very high gain) and we don’t save on labour cost by delocalizing.

Plus we want to provide the best customer service, with fast answers by our skilled operators.