Trackting SMART is a completely automatic smart system.

It is situation-sensitive, and reacts accordingly.

Learn more about how it works, to make the most of it: here is how this anti-theft GPS device keep your motorbike and your car safe.

Let’s start with what you find in the kit: 1 Tracker (the black box) and 1 Tag (the red keychain).

The entire system is coordinated by the Tracker which encloses an advanced motion sensor, a GPS satellite receiver and an eSIM that connects to the Internet.

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The Tag enables Tracker to recognize you automatically if you drive your vehicle or are within a range of approximately 15 meters. It does this automatically, by transmitting its unique identification code.

In the Trackting SMART, the Tag is personal: it can be paired to several vehicles  (like if the user has got two or more Smart Alarm both for his motorbike and car). 

To maximize battery life, the Tracker stays in Standby mode. This means that Tracker will not track your position continuously, but will always be ready to react to a possible theft attempt in your absence.

For this reason, unlike other devices that work with SMS, it is not possible to query the Tracker, since the Tracker itself will send its latest status to your App.


You are moving and driving your vehicle

When your vehicle is moving, the Tracker exits the Standby mode to see if the Tag is nearby and verify that you are the one moving it and not a thief. If the Tracker finds the Tag nearby, it returns to Standby mode. It will not track your position while driving. This will protect the battery life and your privacy.

As you drive, your App shows that your vehicle is still in the last parking position. This is not a problem, but correct functioning!


You parked and left your vehicle

Once your vehicle is parked, the Tracker does not sense any motion and self-activates automatically after a few seconds to protect your bike. After few minutes, you will receive notification of the parking position.

– Should you not receive the Parking notification due to a lack of coverage or cellular network failures, do not worry your vehicle is still protected.
– Even if you receive notifications without a Parking position, your bike is still protected. It only means that Tracker was unable to receive satellite signals from that particular location but when the vehicle starts moving, the position would be sent as soon as Tracker could see the sky.
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An unidentified suspect attempts to move your vehicle

Trackting SMART switches from Parking to Alarm mode if someone is tinkering with your bike or worse, is trying to move it. If the Tracker motion sensor perceives movement and does not detect your Tag in the vicinity, it immediately activates the Alarm mode.

Within one minute you receive an Alarm notification and your App starts tracking the vehicle, allowing you to locate the thief. The App will show you its position, direction and speed in real time.

The position is sent dynamically depending on the speed of the vehicle and not at predefined intervals: even in Alarm mode, Smart Alarm optimizes the life of its battery.

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The Tracker encloses a rechargeable battery via USB. To charge it, use a mobile power supply or a Power bank with a capacity > 2.500mAH. The green led blinks during charging and it turns on when fully charged. After charging you will be notified also on your App.
The Tag contains a non-rechargeable button cell battery (model CR2032) to be replaced when there is no more power.
The status of the Tracker’s battery is displayed in the vehicle’s Options. By the way, as soon as the charge is low, either for the Tracker’s battery or the Tag’s battery, you will be notified via App.

When charging, the Tracker turns off automatically, so if you leave it permanently connected to a power source it will not work. But no worries, should you inadvertently stay connected to a charger for a long time, an internal protection system will keep you out of trouble!