Smart Alarm is the only GPS anti-theft device in the world with no monthly fees and a rechargeable battery that lasts months.

Embedded SIM working throughout Europe (50 countries).

It’s perfect for Motorcycles, Scooters, Cars and Caravans!

Technical Features

GPS: Module with high sensitivity active antenna

Parking 5..30m
Alarm mode <5m
Motion sensor: Triaxial MEMS accelerometer
Connection: integrated eSIM with European coverage (50 Countries)
Battery life: up to 6 months in standby, 4 months in “standard” use
Battery charging via microUSB connector
Size: 62x44x23mm  
Weight: 70 grams
Keyholder Tag (battery included CR2032, replaceable when discharging)
Water resistant: IP56
Operating temperature: -20..+50°C
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone (>iOS11) e Android (>6)
Package contents: 1 GPS Tracker, 1 keyholder Tag, 1 USB charging cable, Trackting CARD, double-side tape and plastic ties, spare part bag with 1 Tag battery and 1 rubber seal for USB port, Instruction manual.

2-year Guarantee
Designed and manufactured in Italy

Installation? None

Smart Alarm doesn’t require any complex installation or wiring because it’s battery powered. Anyone can install its own Trackting!

– Download the Trackting app: App Store or Google Play
– Activate the Tracker here:
– Hide it somewhere on your vehicle (for ex. the seat compartment of your bike is fine)
– Done!